Steensma Laboratory

Selected Publications

Grit JL, Johnson BK, Dischinger PS, Essenburg CJ, Adams M, Campbell S, Pollard K, Pratilas CA, Triche TJ Jr., Graveel CR, Steensma MR. 2021. Distinctive epigenomic alterations in NF1-deficient cutaneous and plexiform neurofibromas drive differential MKK/p38 signaling. Epi Chromatin 14(7).

Tovar EA, Sheridan R, Essenburg CJ, Dischinger PS, Arumugam M, Callaghan ME, Graveel CR*, Steensma MR*. 2020. Dissecting the rat mammary gland: Isolation, characterization and culture of purified mammary epithelial cells and fibroblastsBio-protocol 10(22).
*Equal contributions

Grit JL, Pridgeon MG, Essenburg CJ, Wolfrum E, Madaj ZB, Turner L, Wulfkuhle J, Petricoin EF 3rd, Graveel CR, Steensma MR. 2020. Kinome profiling of NF1-related MPNSTs in response to kinase inhibition and doxorubicin reveals therapeutic vulnerabilitiesGenes (Basel) 11(3):331

Dischinger PS, Tovar EA, Essenburg CJ, Madaj ZB, Gardner EE, Callaghan ME, Turner AN, Challa AK, Kempston T, Eagleson B, Kesterson RA, Bronson RT, Bowman MJ, Graveel CR, Steensma MR. 2018. NF1 deficiency correlates with estrogen receptor signaling and diminished survival in breast cancer. npj Breast Cancer 4.

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Peacock JD, Dykema KJ, Toriello HV, Mooney MR, Scholten DJ 2nd, Winn ME, Borgman A, Duesbery NS, Hiemenga JA, Liu C, Campbell S, Nickoloff BP, Williams BO, Steensma MR. 2015. Oculoectodermal syndrome is a mosaic RASopathy associated with KRAS alterations. Am J Med Genet 167(7):1429–1435.    

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